• Discover Spot Lite: Explore the Heart of Detroit’s Artistic Revival. Embrace the Spirit of Community and Imagination!

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  • Spot Lite finally has a food option with Gladys Nite food truck

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  • Discover the Real Detroit at These Local Music Hangouts

    Spot Lite is ecstatic to be featured on Apple Music's destination in Detroit to visit. Discover more Local Music Hangouts and experience the Real Detroit.

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  • Nominated For Best Small Club in 2022

  • Former lumber yard becomes creative hub Spot Lite Detroit

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  • How Detroit’s Spot Lite Bar Is Forging Change In The Black Arts and Music Scene

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Issa Party w/ Andrea Ghita B2B Aboudi Issa 11/19/22

Spot Lite Records - "What's New" 1/21/23 with Vince Patricola & Jesse Cory

Spot Lite Records - "What's New" 2/1/23 with Vince Patricola & Jesse Cory

Spot Lite Records - "What's New" 2/25/23 with Vince Patricola & Jesse Cory

Jesse Cory B2B Ben Scott @ Spot Lite 12/30/22