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Spot Lite Detroit

Rick Williams - The Geezy Experiment 12" w/ Poster

Rick Williams - The Geezy Experiment 12" w/ Poster

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SPTLTE - 003

15 Track LP by Rick "Geezy" Williams

Percussion provided by Rick Williams on taps for Distinct Life Music Group

Recorded & Mixed by: Angelo "LO SPORT" Davis for Distinct Life Music Group

Manufactured at Archer Record Pressing

Distributed by Upstairs Asylum


Detroit, Michigan

--- Tracklist ---

1. Meditate (ft. Mama Sol)

2. Surviving in Oceans (For Yolanda)(Prod. by 6AAMM)

3. We Are Seeds (Prod. by 6AAMM)

4. Northland (ft. Zo!, Tall Black Guy & DJ Dez)

5. Detroit's Sun (ft. Guilty Simpson)

6. The One (ft. Fat Ray)

7. Home School (Prod. by JayGenius)

8. Ain't Nothing New About This (Prod. by JayGenius) 

9. Don't Nobody Care About Us (ft. Phat Kat)

10. Teach a Man to Fish (Prod. by JayGenius)

11. No Rest for the Wicked (ft. Earlly Mac)

12. Juneteenth (Prod. by JayGenius)

13. Practice Gratitude (Prod. by JayGenius)

14. Heaven (Prod. by JayGenius)

15. geezy's Paradise Valley (Prod. by 6AAMM)


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